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Digital Health Marketing Essentials for Marketing Pros

The digital health marketing industry is a special one. Everyone who is a part of this industry share an aspiration for improving the quality of life, whether he or she is a patient, a caregiver, or a technological developer. Since the needs of each type of role in the industry are different, HealthTech marketers should try to approach their potential leads in a personalized way that each of them would feel taken care of. According to Pew Research, 80% of American web users look online for health information and 86% of physicians use Internet to access health information. So how come only 58% of healthcare marketers use blogs to provide helpful information to their users versus 74% of all marketers? (According to a survey of the Content Marketing Institute).

Here are some useful tips for generating new leads using digital-health-marketing and Inbound Marketing methodology.


Master the art of blogging and SEO for health tech inbound

Master the Art of Blogging and SEO

The figures we previously mentioned speak for themselves. It’s apparent that more and more patients and health professionals go on the internet daily to research new medical trends, medical devices, healthcare facilities and other topics related to health. Your blog should act as a door that allows these people to enter your company’s domain–so long as you put up useful content regularly for your audience.

Just keep these few appropriate precautions in mind when carrying out digital health marketing campaign:

  • Search engines like well-crafted content, and having informative content that answers your readers’ main health concerns should boost your SEO.
  • Consider the need of patients or professionals to share insights or tips on the topics you handle. They will greatly appreciate you having a comment section on your article so they can share their views on a specific topic.
  • Don’t mix your sales pitch into your blog articles. The purpose of your blog is to educate your reader, not to close a sale. You should leave it up to your reader to decide if your service or your product will help him improve his quality of life.


Get customers interested in your company throgh social media

Use Social Media to grow your company.

Social media helps you build a community of social media followers who believe in and will vouch for your technology.

Where will this happen? On your blog and your social media accounts, of course!

You can frequently publish relevant, shareable content about general Health Technology or your specific field of expertise (medical devices, insurance, mobile health, etc.) on your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. Even if you’re just sharing a link of another blog’s post with a personalized comment–that’s okay! The few minutes you spend doing any of the above will be time well spent. Once you’ve mastered the art of content creation, you can even try sharing content on other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest and expand your influence in the social media world.

Make a moderate use of Content Creation

Create Awesome Content Using Health Tech Inbound Methodologies

Always remember that you’re selling a product or a service that will improve your customer’s life. The whole point of Health Tech Inbound Marketing is giving your potential customers a chance to find and approach you once they have found the content that you released to be useful to them.

Ask yourself these questions before hitting the “post” button: Will at least 50 percent of our target audience members be interested in this content? Will they believe it? Does our content educate our readers and add value to their lives? Does this article help our readers have a positive view of our brand? Will it make our followers feel good about themselves because of their identification with us?

Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate leads

Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate leads

You can consider yourself lucky for working in such a complex industry when it comes to creating content for your audience. Internet users who took time to research online for information on Health Technology will be interested in downloading any insightful eBook or white paper that fills in what they need to know–especially if it’s free.

Make sure that you have a user-friendly form that your website visitors can fill out along with the free materials you’re providing so that you gather useful information on them. You can then engage in email marketing with your new leads who willingly gave you their contact information because they considered you as a trustworthy source.
According to the McKinsey & Company consulting firm, “email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.” The steps to gaining leads outlined above will play a crucial role in your sales process.

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