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Best Healthcare Marketing Campaigns: 4 Content Marketing Examples

There a lot of campaign success stories, but how many of them are healthcare examples? We’ve gathered some of the best healthcare marketing campaigns.

We can’t list them all here, but we’ve collected 4 of the best healthcare marketing campaigns for you:


best content marketing

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic boasts one of the most customer centric approaches in all of healthcare. The Sharing Mayo Clinic blog is a community where patients, their loved ones, and the Mayo Clinic staff can come together and share their stories. There is perhaps no content more relevant than the material produced by users themselves.

Before anyone can contribute to the blog, they have to first have an awareness of the Mayo Clinic, correct? No problem. With a strong social media presence, the Mayo Clinic knows just the right way to connect with their market.

The numbers tell it all:

  • 1.2 million Twitter followers
  • 700,000 likes on Facebook


best content marketing


HIMSS’ mission is to create better healthcare through information technology, and that has clearly rubbed off on the quality of their content.

  • There are loads of articles, original research findings, and podcasts that can all be easily accessed through their resources library. Users also have the option to search based on topic or content type. Talk about user-friendly.
  • Social media is another medium where HIMSS’ content shines. With inventive images and infographics, they present statistics on health and IT in a form that is as fun as it is engaging. This approach has lead to an increase in “retweets” and “favorites”.


best content marketing

Greenway Health

There must be something with health IT companies and great content. Greenway updates their blog regularly with engaging articles, whitepapers, and webinars. From the very moment you enter their website, you can spot “quick links” that take you to some of their most useful content.

What makes their content so good?

  • They have a clear understanding of their buyer personas. The focus is squarely on primary care providers, and their blog posts are written in a digestible language that is tailored to this target audience.
  • There are clear, attention-grabbing call-to-actions. At the end of articles, readers are encouraged to learn more about Greenway’s work through premium content offers (eBooks, eGuides, whitepapers). These offers require users to share their email addresses, which helps Greenway to consistently grow their base of contacts.


best content marketing


Since 2005, RevenueXL has been one of the most trusted providers of integrated practice management software and electronic health records. By implementing a content strategy, they’ve expanded their online presence and boosted web traffic.

Here are the elements that have made their blog successful:

  • Visibility. Unlike many websites, the portal to Revenue XL’s blog is located at the top of the main page. Users don’t have to scroll to the bottom and search.
  • Relevant, useful content. In the article “What Keeps EHR Implementation Teams Awake at Midnight?”, it is evident that the language is geared towards the pains of practice managers.
  • There are plenty of call-to-actions. Whether it’s at the end of the article or on the sidebar, RevenueXL isn’t shy about spurring visitors to download an eBook, subscribe to a newsletter, or schedule a demonstration.


Key Takeaways

What can we take away from some of the best healthcare campaigns? Above all, the customer has to be the focal point. Content is a great way to connect with your market, but only if you’re presenting them with material that is engaging and relevant.


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We hope these 4 best healthcare marketing campaigns were helpful. If you have any questions about how to get started with an Inbound Strategy for your company, don’t be shy, reserve a time to speak with us here. We’re happy to help!

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